About Tammy

How the Bears came to Be

My passion and love of teddy bears began in 1998 shortly after my mom lost her long battle with breast cancer. Mama left behind a life of faith, love, perseverance, and a plush furry coat. Mama loved the coat, it was worn, fuzzy and hugged  Mama in warmth many times. I would often see it hanging in  the closet, and some time later, I knew I wanted something special from it.  I wanted a teddy bear. I had heard of the idea-but not knowing anyone to make it for me, I thought, maybe I could try and make it myself, however, not only did I not sew, but I was born with only one hand, medically known as symbrachydactyly. ​This caused my right arm not to develop just past my elbow,  leaving me with a paw and five pea-sized "fingers". 

I would sit on the floor using my toes, my knees, my chin, whatever I could to make up for the hand I did not have. After several attempts, discouraged and frustrated, I put the idea away. Days later, remembering what Mama would have said, and how proud I knew she would be, I couldn't give it up just yet. Mom always told me I could do anything I wanted to if I believed I could. So with those words echoing in my mind...and my heart, I made my first teddy bear. Now, with each little bear I make, lives the faith and love of our Mama, and most importantly, the belief she instilled in me...

​​​ I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. -Phil. 4:13